A prestigious international sniper race called Sniper Extreme 2020 took place at the OSPWL Wedrzyn shooting range in Poland on October 23-24. And as the name suggests, it was not a race for anyone involved in long-distance shooting.

Dozens of teams from all over Europe were convinced of the extremity of the race, including the only representatives of the Czech Republic Jakub Bradáč and Pavel Jarolím, shooters from the TACTICAL EVO team with the support of the Czech manufacturer of shooting accessories of the same name.

The organizers, in cooperation with the army, have prepared one of the toughest sniper races, which can be completed, and from the first moment it was clear that all competitors will reach the very bottom of their mental and physical abilities.

The race was conceived as a two-day race and richly tested the tactical, shooting and mental readiness of all participants. The authenticity of the shooting situations, which were as close as possible to the real combat deployment, was unbelievable.

After safety instructions and the necessary administrative tasks, 20 two-member teams set out to meet the first of many perfectly prepared shooting positions. The move took place via army trucks.

Each station was thematically and tactically focused on a different skill. It was necessary to solve the assignment and demonstrate considerable knowledge in the field of tactics, topography, ballistics or rescue and treatment of the wounded. Everything was real and brought to the extreme, so overcoming the water obstacle at night, when it was necessary to really swim, was no surprise.

Each shooter was equipped with a sniper rifle, assault rifle and personal weapon in the form of a pistol. In addition to all this on the back an average of 30-35 kg of equipment. Under these conditions, absolute exhaustion did not take long ...

The difficulty of shooting at extremely long distances is generally known. And if we add the minimum possibility of preparation for unknown shooting items, the time limit for its execution and abnormal conditions, the demanding race has become a real extreme that none of the participants will forget.

The shooting took place at targets up to a distance of 1000m, always according to the specific situation and the weapon used. However, it was not a classic calm and relaxed aimed shooting. The task was usually complicated by a simulated injury to oneself or a partner.

The injured helicopter pilot had to be treated and "splashing" synthetic blood was ubiquitous. Unfortunately, the second pilot of the combat machine did not survive, and photographs of the interior of the helicopter underline the authenticity of the prepared situations.

One of the tasks was to observe the position unnoticed without being detected by the enemy. Our shooters managed this item as one of the few excellently. Did you find a hidden shooter in the photo?

Jakub Bradáč shooting from a personal weapon CZ 75C. In a few minutes, a "wounded" member of the team was added to his back, and it was necessary to continue shooting and completing the task

Getting an injured friend from the "battlefield" and shooting at a target was one of the most challenging tasks.

And how did it all turn out in the competition of professional police, army and leading sports shooters from many parts of Europe?

The race lasted without a break for more than 30 hours. It rained all night and fog came in the morning. Throughout the night, it was necessary not to be seen, exposed and captured by the ubiquitous "enemy." The opponent had cars, motorcycles, binoculars, thermal imaging…

We had our own skills, camouflage, lack of time to move to another location, winter, hunger, 35 kg of equipment on the back, 40 km in the legs and no rest…

Jakub Bradáč and Pavel Jarolím took a fantastic 3rd place, ahead of the team of Slovenia (1st place) and Poland (2nd place).

The difficulty of this international competition is also evidenced by the fact that 8 teams did not complete the race due to health or other reasons.

Everyone who finished the race deserves legitimate recognition, they won over themselves.

Huge recognition also belongs to the organizers, it was a professionally run race, where each of the organizers had their tasks. It certainly took a lot of time to prepare, but the result was worth it. It can be seen that the organization of similar events in the country north of us has a long tradition and great support from the army. When one complains why such a thing is not possible in our region.

The Polish army obviously knows why it helps to organize similar activities, and their historical memory seems to work at its best.

Tactical Evo shooters of course used products from their own production during the competition, so in the photos you can see Tactical Evo TK3 bipods, Fast Ammo 2 and 3pin, adjustable shoe, shooting bags, camouflage and other accessories.

The advantage of Tactical Evo products is that all products are based on our own many years of shooting experience, which are turned into practice. Tactical Evo, these are real products from shooters for shooters!

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