The TACTICAL EVO team took part in one of the most prestigious sniper races in Europe on the weekend of August 8-9, 2020. This is the Long Range Mykita, which this time took place at the Studnica shooting range in Poland and was especially challenging this year.

Not only was the distance to the targets from 250 to 1269 meters (average distance in most locations ranged from about 480 to 600m), but the inability to escape from the ubiquitous sun and the temperature exceeding 37 ° C was a real test of nerves and often personality characteristics of individual shooters . On the first day, the shooters were exposed to these harsh conditions for approximately 12 hours and on the second day for 8 hours. Those who have imagination or experience have added the weight of equipment and rifles to all this ...

The difficulty of shooting at extremely long distances is generally known, but if we add the minimum possibilities of prior preparation for unknown shooting items and the already mentioned abnormal conditions, the demanding race has become a real extreme that none of the participants will forget.

We are all the more excited that our shooters did not get lost in this tough competitive environment.

Dusan Mandát
The cold shot at 656 meters was a sharp start to the race and none of our competitors missed.

Long Range Mykita

Pavel Jarolím is preparing for the Biathlon item.

Long Range Mykita

In an unstable position on skis and using ski poles, it was necessary to hit the target (gong 20 cm) at a distance of 315 and 410 meters.

Long Range

When you know you're not hiding anywhere and the temperature at the polygon exceeds 37 degrees, it's not easy to keep a clear mind.

Long Range

Dusan Mandat

Shooting with a forced position at 308 meters (gong 20 cm) was not an easy item and few people shot it 100%.

Dusan Mandat

The target at a distance of 466 meters had to be hit twice. Then it was possible to go to the position of kneeling and sitting (always after two hits of the target). Our ARCA SWISS adapter worked great here, in which the rifle was held nailed on a tripod!

Long Range Mykita

Repeated hits of the target (gong 20 cm) at a distance of 503 meters, always with a change of position (lying down, sitting, kneeling, standing, lying down) and all in 150 seconds, including charging, it took time. Time played a very important role in the whole race and often due to its expiration the shooters were not able to complete the shooting item.

The photo shows the advantage of the adjustable shoe, which is, as usual, produced by Tactical Evo and at the races garnered a very positive response among the shooters, especially for its versatility, technical processing and variability.

ZThe hit of the goal at 924 meters "gave" Jakub Bradáč with his Sig Sauer 3000 Patrol .308 Win on the first shot !!! And many shooters with more powerful rifles did not succeed even on the allowed 10 rounds.

Long Range

Shooters are friends, even if they are from competing teams or from different parts of the world.

Long Range Mykita

Pavel Jarolím finished the race with a great performance on a "running target" at a distance of 350-380 m, when he hit the target 5 times in one run (3 times lying down, 2 times sitting) and reaped the legitimate recognition of his opponents.

Where else can you meet such a traffic sign than at a military shooting range ...

On the right, two targets that we didn't shoot at.

A lesson that can't leave anyone in doubt that it's in an area where not everyone looks.

And how did it all turn out in the competition of more than 140 registered professional police, army and leading sports shooters? Great great!

Long Range Mykita

Jakub Bradáč, who took a great 2nd place, and Pavel Jarolím, who took 5th place this year after last year's success (2nd place), led the best from our team.

"Glory to the winners, honor to the losers" is a well-known slogan, which in this case is doubly valid. Everyone who finished the race deserves legitimate recognition, they won over themselves.

Recognition also belongs to the organizers, because it was a professionally organized race, where each of the organizers had his place and knew what to do. It certainly took a lot of time to prepare, but the result was worth it. It can be seen that the organization of similar events in the country north of us has a long tradition and great support from the army, without which such a race would not be possible.

Tactical Evo shooters of course used products from their own production during the competition, so in the photos you can see Tactical Evo TK3 bipods, Fast Ammo 2 and 3pin, adjustable shoe, shooting bags, tripod reducers and other accessories.

The advantage of Tactical Evo products is that all products are based on our own many years of shooting experience, which are turned into practice. Tactical Evo, these are real products from shooters for shooters!

Tactical Evo Team

The winners receive prizes for their performance, but we must not forget to thank the whole team for the excellent representation not only of the
TACTICAL EVO brand, but also for spreading the good name of the Czech Republic abroad.

From left: Jakub Bradáč, Hana Nováková, Helena Machová, Pavel Jarolím, Dušan Mandát

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